Kirana an MMORPG with full ownership based on the play to earn model

“Kirana is a massive multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) built on the Binance Smart chain. We give players full ownership of their characters and reward them for playing based on the “play to earn” model.”

On that note Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen, today I want to share with you the future of gaming in cryptocurrency which is play to earn.For many years MMORPG’s have been a place for millions of players to have a chance to communicate and play together in an online environment.

Before we start going in details about the project, which is still in early development let’s watch together what they have to offer.

➨ Play to Earn — Complete daily missions and earn KIR tokens

➨PVE and PVP — Players can team up or play against each other. You can even play against the AI in tournaments and join leaderboards.

➨NFT Marketplace — Players can buy weapons, land, helicopters and customize their characters from the NFT marketplace.

➨Free to Play — Instead of spending money on items within the game, players can play for free and gain tokens when they complete missions in the game.

As we know in MMORPG’s you never make money “legally” and most money that we spent was either to get boosts or to buy items, consumables just for the satisfaction of being “the best player”, but now we have the chance to earn while we get up there on the tier list for the best players on the server.

Let’s have a look at their Tokenomics if we already got this far you’ll love it.

KIR tokens will be the main in-game currency. It can be used to buy, trade, exchange and stake within the game.

  • Type: BEP-20
  • Contract Address: Coming Soon

Exchange and Farming

Players must use KIR tokens to buy characters from the NFT marketplace. When battles are won, they get rewarded in KIR which can then be traded in exchanges like Pancakeswap.

Governance and Burn

Get the chance to decide what features of the game will be developed first. You can lock KIR tokens for special rewards. 10% of every transaction on the Kirana NFT marketplace will be burnt and thus reduce max supply permanently.


Stake KIR tokens into pools to get more KIR tokens. Upgrade your characters, get more weapons and buy more land by staking tokens.

Play 2 Earn

Complete daily missions to earn KIR tokens by playing against AI/other players.

As far as the roadmap goes they are currently entering Q1 2022 where they will be the:

NFT marketplace launch

Initial NFT Offering (INO)

Ability to buy land, character, weapons, equipments inside NFT marketplace

Private Sale (IDO — Initial DEX Offering)

Listing on Pancakeswap

If you are a MMORPG gamer or just an investor that is looking for early stages of a project than I hope I got your attention, and if you are interested in getting Whitelisted you can find the link down below. Next article that I will write it will be for the ones that love the game concept and want to get involved as a gamer.

Get whitelisted here :

Project website :

Discord link :

Link to my Discord channel :



Hi my name is Robb I’m a full time trader for a few years now, I enjoy reading and now writing articles that can help people in their pursuit for happiness.

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Hi my name is Robb I’m a full time trader for a few years now, I enjoy reading and now writing articles that can help people in their pursuit for happiness.